Create engaging augmented reality experiences with Mattar.

No apps needed.

With Mattar we can create rich, interactive AR experiences that can be viewed directly in a mobile browser.

The innovative Mattar platform lets you tell a 3D story, bring your products to life or drop the unexpected into the real world.

Mattar is ideal for enhancing your retail, tourism, packaging, events, entertainment and education experiences.

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My Boost

Mattar was used to help launch the new My Boost employee perks programme. Scanning the My Boost logo on a direct mail pack brought it to life in an informative and engaging way.

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Red Rabbit Surprise

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Mobile based

Custom, branded mobile landing pages

Easy to launch

Use images, QR codes or your product
to initiate the experience

Choose your media

Deliver messages via 3D animations,
360 video or simply text and images

Use it anywhere

Works at home, out in the world or in your premises.

Inspire action

Drive audiences to a website for purchases, event sign-ups or more detailed info.

Track performance

Full analytics suite available to
track every visit

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