What is WebAR?

A girl is pointing a phone towards are hand drawn easter egg. An easter rabbit animation is displayed on the phone.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience in a real-world environment, enhancing objects that reside in the real world with computer-generated graphics.

How will augmented reality work for me?

AR offers an innovative opportunity to bring a story, product or experience to life through interactive technology. By creating an animated, ‘live’ and interactive experience, users can understand and digest much more information about your offering in a shorter timespan, through a multi-sensory phone-based activation.

How does augmented reality using an app differ from WebAR?

Until recently the best way to experience augmented reality has been through a custom app. With recent advancements in technology and our Mattar platform you can now experience high quality AR through a browser:

  • No clunky app downloads
  • Works across iOS, Android and a wide range of mobile devices
  • More people can access your content 
  • Brand engagement, conversion and retention are higher

What can the experience do?

Simply visit a website and you can see the AR experience come to life through your browser. AR experiences can:

  • include 2D or 3D images and animations, motion graphics, video, or text and images
  • use physical items or markers to initiate the experience
  • recognise objects using Google Cloud Vision or location specific content
  • collect data and detailed analytics 
  • connect to social media and your existing online profile. 

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How accessible is WebAR?

It’s more and more accessible by the day. The browser technology is relatively new so there may be a variation in performance across devices, however late model mobiles have no issues processing WebAR experiences.

We don’t have the ability to create 3D or animated content – what do we do?

The team at Method (the creators of Mattar) have been experimenting and refining the development of AR platforms and experiences for a number of years and thrive when collaborating with partners to create virtual elements and stories. We can help create the ideal experience for you.

How long does it take to build?

By using our Mattar framework we dramatically reduce the development timeframe. Each project is different, however as a guide we estimate between 3 – 6 weeks including design.

Can I have the WebAR experience on my company website?

You can easily link to the experience from your site. Keep in mind the AR experience will only work on mobile, not on a laptop or desktop computer.

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